Answers to frequently asked questions can be found below, but if the answer to your question is not to be found on this page, or elsewhere this site, please contact us.

Q. How do you say "Laloli"?

Haha! The answer is simple: "La - Lo - li", rhyming with "me". The name is an extended acronym of the words Laugh Love Live: our motto for a happy marriage.

Q. What is the history of Laloli?

Garry and his family came first to the property in 1961, and they worked incredibly hard to establish a productive sugar cane farm here. Laloli was established when Jeneve arrived in 1991 with gardening tools, and a wish for a stately yet relaxed country garden. Family and friends married here, and we experienced the pleasure of sharing the property with others for the most romantic and special day of their lives, and the delight of their guests as they explored the property and got the feel of a traditional North Queensland sugar cane farm. 

Q. What does it cost to hire Laloli?

The basic Venue Hire Charge is $3,960, which provides exclusive access to the property to our hiring couples for the whole of the day, along with a whole raft of other benefits, including extensive support from us. Click here for more information on pricing. On-site furniture is available for hire.

Q. Can we come and see the garden?

Yes - of course! We welcome inspections from couples who are looking for an exclusive, all in one, unique and private event venue, with lovely relaxed gardens, plenty of space and magnificent views, great photo opportunities, and wet weather options, where you will feel like you are at home.

We are very happy to have you bring parents or others who will be involved in your event, and we prefer that you bring them with you the first time you come to see the garden, especially if you want them to see the venue before your big day. This means that we can use the rest of our precious weekend time working in the garden and making it prettier for our couples.

Q. Where is Laloli located?

Laloli is located at Little Mulgrave, Far North Queensland, in the middle of our family’s 300 acre working sugar cane farm, which is on the junction of the Mulgrave and Little Mulgrave rivers. Laloli is just 37 kilometres from the city of Cairns – an easy, pleasant 40 minute drive mostly through beautiful cane land and rainforest.

Q. Where is the closest airport to Laloli?

Cairns Airport is located about 45 minutes from Laloli. Cairns Airport has direct flights from all over Australia, and from many international destinations, and has a massive range of accommodation and activities.

Q. What have other weddings done with regards to travelling after the wedding? Do you have any suggestions? Will Gordonvale Taxis drive out to Little Mulgrave?

Yes - Gordonvale taxis do come out to Laloli. Gordonvale taxi services include Paradise Buses & Taxis 4056 6666 and Pyramid Taxi Service 4056 1777.

We also recommend the two Gordonvale bus companies (Gordonvale buses 4056 6177 and PJ Rayment Bus Service 0400 899 566), and the many other bus hire options in Cairns such as Cairns Bus Charters who are familiar with the property.

Bus transport is convenient for your guests, and buses move people very effectively and affordably. In addition to afternoon pick-ups in the city for set-down the Laloli car-park prior to the ceremony, we recommend a bus pick-up from the Sugar Shed at 10.30-11.00. This has worked very well for our past events, and we recommend this option as a thoughtful option for your guests.

There are also numerous private car options, including luxury services like Elliott’s Limousines and Cairns Tropical Transfers and Limousines.

Q. What about guests who want to drive their own vehicle?

We have on-site parking for 30 vehicles. Additional parking can be facilitated by prior arrangement.

Guests with mobility support requirements are welcome to park at the Sugar Shed carpark.

Q. Is Laloli wheelchair friendly?

The grounds of Laloli are mostly grassed lawn, and are relatively level.

The walk up from the car park may not be suitable for wheelchairs, or for people with mobility restrictions, so access for any guest with mobility restrictions is from the Sugar Shed car park.

The bathroom is wheelchair accessible.

Q. What accommodation options are there near Laloli?

Cairns city offers extensive accommodation options for every budget. At Little Mulgrave and Gordonvale there are various BnB and pub-style accommodation options. See who we recommend.

Q. I am assuming the house is occupied? If not, do you hire out?

Yes - the house is occupied: it is our home, so we do not hire it out. We are here throughout the venue hire period.

Q. Is camping at the venue an option?

No - but there are numerous other options, including informal camping elsewhere in the Little Mulgrave Valley, local BnBs, and other accommodation options nearby in Gordonvale and Cairns. Click here to see who we recommend.

Q. What about catering? Do you have any recommendations?

Yes - it depends upon your budget, and the style you want. We have had all manner of catering types here: formal sit-down meals with table service plated meals, and shared banquets though to street food vans, wood fired pizza ovens, paella stations and taco trucks, and fork and walk style catering. And there are so many available options, and such a great range of excellent caterers in our region. Click here to see who we recommend.

Q. Can we self-cater?

We very strongly discourage self-catering, which is permitted only by prior agreement with us. We may not agree to self-catering proposals, so you must discuss this with us before you book Laloli.

Q. How many guests can we have?

Our zoning approval allows us to have 150 attend your event at Laloli. This includes your bridal party.

Q. What time should my ceremony start?

We suggest that you plan your wedding around the time of sunset on the day of your wedding. We suggest that the ceremony starts about 2 ½ to 3 hours prior to sunset. We will advise you of the exact sunset time on your date when you book your wedding at Laloli. We strongly recommend against starting your event prior to 3:00pm. Please discuss earlier start times with us before you book your event.

By choosing to hold your wedding and reception in the one venue, you have more time between ceremony and reception for photographs and garden party, and there are plenty of beautiful afternoon light opportunities later in the day as the western lawn glows with the afternoon sun.

It is beautiful for your guests to experience the gardens in the afternoon, and to enter the reception area while it is still light, while allowing the Bridal Party to continue with capturing stunning photos outside prior to the reception.

Q. We had planned to have our dogs involved in the ceremony and photos afterwards, would this be possible at Laloli?

Yes, of course. How could you leave your fur family out of your special day? But this is strictly by prior arrangement, so you must confirm this with us before booking the venue. You should make arrangements for your dogs to stay for the ceremony and photos, but go home after that.

Q. What support will I receive?

We can assist you substantially with your wedding function. We will arrange a planning visit closer to the date of your event, and we can assist with suggestions regarding options and observations about what works, in addition to recommendations for suppliers.

We will also be available throughout the day to provide general support to you and your suppliers, and to your guests, and to assist if anything goes wrong.

Q. Do you offer recommendation lists of accommodation, photography, hair and make-up, etc?

Yes! Click here to see who we recommend.

Q. Is Laloli licensed, or can we supply our own drinks?

We do not cater food or drinks. We supply a water station for your guests as they arrive, and have an urn for a tea and coffee service later in the evening.

You supply your own beverages.

Q. Can we have spirits?

We do not permit the service of spirits at Laloli.

Q. What about a bar service?

We very strongly recommend and very much prefer that our couples engage a professional beverage service for weddings, particularly for events with more than 50 guests for the purpose of ensuring responsible service of alcohol. Very drunk guests can significantly diminish the joy of your event, can be extremely unpleasant for other guests and for your suppliers, and not in the interests of anyone involved. This is also the reason why we do not permit the service of spirits.

Q. How do my suppliers know what to do on the day of the wedding?

When you choose suppliers from our list of recommended suppliers, you can be confident that your suppliers have been to Laloli for past events, and that we have found them reliable and good to work with. You should provide your suppliers with a detailed run sheet so they know what is expected of them, otherwise they will draw upon their experience to deliver excellent services and products for your event.

When you book, we will give you a  basic run-sheet that you can modify to suit your needs. Please give us a copy of your run-sheet prior to your event, and provide us with the information about your event that you would want to know about were you the venue hosts. This will assist us to problem-shoot before and during your event, and to assist you in ensuring a stress-free and trouble-free best day ever.

When you provide us with your run-sheet, we will liaise as necessary with your suppliers prior to your event and throughout your day. If you choose suppliers from our recommended supplier list, you can be confident that you have engaged the services of competent and experienced suppliers who know their job, and who know Laloli well. Click here to see who we recommend.

You must communicate your particular wishes to ensure that anything you are particularly wanting is provided as arranged.

Q. Can we access Laloli prior to our wedding for a rehearsal?

We strongly recommend that you have a rehearsal of the bridal walk prior to your wedding day. A rehearsal will help you to conquer nerves, and to ensure that you are aware of the timing and pacing required to achieve a special and memorable entry. It will take you about an hour to run through your ceremony rehearsal. It can be a challenge to get all the bridal party together for the rehearsal, but the most important thing to rehearse is the bride’s and bridesmaids’ walk down the aisle, preferably with your chosen music. If you can, arrange your rehearsal time to coincide with your ceremony time so you can see where the sun is and where the shadows fall.

It is not essential that your celebrant or the groom and groomsmen take part in the rehearsal although, if that can be accommodated, we recommend that you do so.

If a rehearsal cannot be arranged, we can assist on the day with advice and tips to assist with carrying off this most important part of your event, and we would be delighted and honoured to assist.

Q. When can I drop off my personal items and decorations for my wedding day?

You are welcome to drop off any special items during the week prior to your wedding day. Please let us know when you will do this. This can be in conjunction with your rehearsal, or at other times by prior agreement with us.

Q. Who looks after all the little details on my wedding day?

If you engage a wedding planner, she or he will be responsible for the little details. Otherwise, you are responsible. You should delegate as much as you can to family and friends. We can help with a range of support, particularly if you use our run-sheet to list out your requirements and identify the person responsible for each item. Let us know if we can help you with this.

Q. Can we get ready onsite?

We do not have getting ready facilities at Laloli, but our couples are welcome to have ‘getting ready’ photos taken on the grounds and in Laloli House. Please let us know in advance if you wish to access the house for this purpose.

Q. Who coordinates the ceremony to start?

Before the ceremony start time, we will assist with ushering your guests from the car-park to the ceremony location. We welcome you and your bridal party into our home prior to the ceremony, and we will assist with the commencement of the bridal walk.

We will be there to ensure everything runs smoothly for your ceremony, including cue-ing music. We do not have a microphone or other amplification, which should be provided by your celebrant if they use amplification.

Q. Who ushers our guests for the reception to start after the in-between party?

That’s up to you: we are happy to do this for you, or to assist. If your MC experienced, she or he may take charge. Please tell us how much involvement you want from us.

Q. What happens with all our outside ceremony and garden party decorations and items?

While your guests are enjoying the reception, we will be putting away our pews, and pulling down the ceremony and garden party set up. We will move any items that are to be re-used in other locations or pack away items no longer required for the reception.

Q. So, what furniture do you have?

Our furniture collection is expanding and changing all the time, and we prefer that couples hire from us. We will show you our currently available furniture when you come for your first inspection, and we can give you a detailed list with pricing upon request.

The reason that furniture hire is an “add-on” is because of the many different requirements of each of our couples, from tiny weddings, to casual weddings with little formal seating, to weddings of 150, fully seated. The costs of providing furniture for the varying sizes and types of weddings varies significantly. Talk to us about costs and availability.

Please be aware that we may not permit some suppliers at Laloli, so discuss your preferred suppliers before you book.

Q. What do we do if it rains?

We have undercover space at the house for ceremonies. If the weather is really wet, depending upon guest numbers, the post-ceremony party and reception will be in the Sugar Shed.

Q. Can we have a big marquee, tipis or tents set up on the Western Lawn?

We have underground irrigation throughout the garden. This keeps our lawns beautifully lush and green during the dry season. But it also means that we do not allow marquees, because of the potential damage to our important underground irrigation.

Q. Do I have to arrange for my family and friends to pack up after the reception concludes?

At the end of the evening we will pull down and put away any items of furniture you have hired from us. Your caterer is responsible for cleaning up your food waste, and your bar service will take care of most of the bar waste. We will pack-up all your decorative items (within reason) and place them in storage for pick-up in the following days.

This means that you can leave your wedding reception, completely carefree, and leaving the clean up for your suppliers.

If you hire off-site furniture hire or styling, we require you or your suppliers to pull down, clean up and remove equipment, furniture, decorations or other supplies, and prefer this to be done after 11.00pm when you and your guests depart.

Alternatively, we will clean up and pack your hire furniture for a fee.

We require your catering waste to be removed on the night of your event. Our preferred caterers will do this for you.

We require your beverage waste to be disposed of throughout your event. We have a skip available for beverage waste, and a professional bar service will keep your event clear of bar waste.

Q. When can I access Laloli after we have booked?

We welcome you to Laloli for a planning visit prior to your wedding day to plan your event, and to finalise your choice of ceremony or decoration locations. Please note that site visits are strictly by appointment and, because of our work commitments, can be accommodated only on weekends. If you wish to show family or friends, please coordinate your family to attend with you on your planning inspection as we do have limited availability.

In addition to your initial inspection, you will also have your planning visit, and rehearsal visit the day before your wedding. Laloli is otherwise not available for inspections.

If you wish to make extra visits in addition to those included with your booking, we charge an additional inspection fee of $110.

Q. Who sets up my ceremony decorations?

We will setup  our gorgeous white painted wooden pews in your ceremony area of choice unless you prefer to use or bring in other furniture for your ceremony. We can assist with setting out other decorations – within reason. The garden is so beautiful we think that other decorations should be minimal, but it is your wedding, so if you do wish to decorate our garden, you can make arrangements for additional decorations provided, of course, that no damage is done to our garden and intra-structure.

Otherwise, if you wish to have special decor or furniture, you or your suppliers will be responsible for setting up and pulling down those items. We appreciate the pull down being done on the night of your event, although you are welcome to arrange for pickup of special items as soon as possible in the days after your wedding day.

Q. Who provides the ceremony sound system for the ceremony?

Your celebrant may provide an amplified system for the ceremony, although some do not use amplification. We can arrange to have a power supply available in your chosen ceremony area, for your celebrant or entertainer. We currently do not have sound or PA systems available on-site.

Q. Do you provide a signing table for the ceremony?

We have a simple signing table matched with two suitable chairs in your choice of our ceremony locations.

Q. What do my guests do in-between the ceremony & reception?

The time between your ceremony and your reception is your opportunity to show off your hospitality to your guests, and to get the party started, by offering a garden party or, as we call it, “the in-between party”. You should provide a modest menu of drinks and canapes, or something more substantial such as a grazing table or catered cocktail service.

Your guests are welcome to explore the grounds, and you are welcome to supply garden games or activities for your guests to do, during this period.

The in-between party is the ideal time for you to spend casual time with your guests and, because you can get your photos onsite, you will be able to join your guests for celebratory drinks and photos.

Q. What do we do for music during our Garden Party?

You can provide live entertainment for your guests, or arrange for your prerecorded playlist and speakers to be set up. Please check with us about options as we may be in a position to offer further options in time. 

Q. Who provides food and beverage for our in-between party and reception?

You do! You choose your caterer according to your taste, desired style, and budget. We are more than happy to make recommendations for excellent suppliers who have supplied to our couples in the past, and who have provided excellent food and service.

You also supply your own beverages, and you organise wait staff for your beverage service, or you can have your caterer supply wait staff for your bar service. This has obvious cost savings, and gives you complete freedom to choose your own beverage list.

We very strongly recommend that our couples engage a bar service, as this provide hassle-free hospitality for your guests, including appropriate drink-ware, ice, and bar waste clean up. Our preferred caterers can provide full bar service to you at relatively minimal cost, and your bar service will also dispose of your bar waste. Most bar services can supply polycarbonate drink-ware in compliance with our glass-free policy. If not, it may be necessary to hire polycarbonate drink-ware or other alternatives to glass.

You also choose and arrange for your own wedding cake, if you wish to have one and, again, we are pleased to recommend those suppliers listed on our website. Your cake can be delivered to Laloli during the day, and kept safely in an air-conditioned room in the house, or in our cold room if you hire it, ready for your celebration.

If you wish, we can assist as much or as little as you require with your choice, and liaison with, your suppliers for your event.

We suggest that you develop our Laloli Run-sheet to provide a clear guide for the order of your event, and setting out responsibilities for any person assisting you with your day. We urge you to provide a copy to each of your suppliers, and to us too of course. Again, we are more than happy to assist with this.

Q. With regards to alcohol, is glass ok (for toasts etc)? Or would you prefer cans and plastic?

Glass is not ok. Broken glass is very difficult to clean up safely during a function, and very dangerous when your partying guests kick off their shoes. That is why we have a glass-free policy. It is usually best to try to have can, polycarbonate or plastic options where possible, or serve beer from kegs. Of course, glass wine bottles are fine where you have a bar service. If beer stubbies are chosen, you must provide protective coolers, or supply canned beer. As with any proposal, please talk to us.

Q. What lighting is there in the Sugar Shed?

The Sugar Shed is equipped with fairy lights, chandeliers, festoon lights along the open side, and appropriate lighting in the bar space. And that is plenty of light for your reception. It is gorgeous! The lights can be adjusted down later in the evening if you want less light for dancing or other shenanigans. Our already installed lighting in the Sugar Shed makes it a lot easier for our couples to use the shed because the lights are already set up and included in the cost of the basic Venue Hire.

The Bamboo Chapel has fairy lighting on a arched framework that runs the length of the grove and is a standard inclusion. The framework can hold other decorations.

We have additional lighting packages available for hire in our outdoor event spaces. We have a chandelier “bling” package for the Bamboo Chapel where we set up chandeliers in addition to the existing fairy lights. It looks sensational!

And for Western Lawn receptions we have a modular, demountable festoon light roofless "marquee", which can be expanded to provided overhead festoon lighting over 150 seated and dancing guests. These packages are in addition to the basic Venue Hire Charge but are convenient and cost-effective options for our couples.

Our beautiful established trees are up-lit, and there is other lighting throughout the garden, which creates an amazing sense of romance and adventure in the garden. Our on-site car park is also lit at night.

Q. Do you have a hot water urn for tea and coffee?

Sure do! We have a 20 litre Birko urn which is big enough for the largest of parties. You can set up your own self-serve tea/coffee station for your guests’ convenience.

Q. Do you have a cold room on-site?

Yes! We have a large cold room available for hire on-site. It is located centrally, in the bar space at the Sugar Shed, and is a convenient means of storing anything that requires chilling.

Q. I noticed those beautiful white pews in your photo gallery and am wondering if they can be used for our ceremony? If so, will they be included in the venue hire?

Yes - our fourteen handcrafted white painted wooden pews are included in the venue hire for your ceremony. They comfortably seat 56 guests. We will set them up for you in your choice of ceremony location. We then pack them away after your ceremony.

Our other furniture is also available for hire for your ceremony if, for example, you would like to use our bentwood chairs for your ceremony.

Q. What happens if the power supply fails?

We have installed a massive 25kva power generator which powers the whole of Laloli so that in the event of power supply interruption we can quickly have power restored for your event. This ensures that power supply is secured on-site throughout your event.

Q. Are children allowed at Laloli?

Children are welcome at Laloli. Children generally delight in the space and the freedom offered by our fabulous venue. They will be intrigued by our chickens, and enjoy playing in the garden. If you intend inviting children, you should consider providing some entertainment and activities for them.

Q. Will there be a cut off time? If so, what time?

Yes - we ask that your reception wind up not later than 10.30 - 11.00pm.

We suggest you hire a bus to assist your guests with transport towards the end of the evening. This has worked really well for our past events so the party finishes on time.

You can end your party earlier than 11:00pm. There is no requirement that your event run through to late in the evening.

Q. Can I set up payment plans?

A personalised payment plan might assist you with your budgeting. It can help you to manage your wedding budget and ensure that you do have sufficient available funds to pay for everything you want for your wedding. Please discuss this with us.

Q. We wanted something spectacular, like a helicopter entry, or fireworks. Is this possible?

Yes! We have space for helicopter landing, and plenty of room for fireworks displays. Please ask us about arranging these options before you go ahead and make your arrangements as it is absolutely essential that we approve your plan.

We reserve the right to refuse such supply in the event that we are not satisfied statutory requirements have been complied with. Naturally, fireworks must be presented by qualified and licenced operators such as Xplosive Art or similar.

As you would expect, Laloli has local council permission that is essential for the conduct of all our future wedding events and we must ensure that events do not jeopardise our permit